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On stage: Tierra Santa

- Grave Digger, Tierra Santa & more - Jan. 2002 - Bochum (D) -
- Tierra Santa & Easy Rider - Mar. 2004 - Düsseldorf (D) -

Tierra Santa & Easy Rider
- March 6th 2004 - Düsseldorf (D), JAB -

I never been to this place - JAB Junge Aktionsbühne - before and so I was surprise to find a bigger venue then I expected. The next surprise was the ticket price which was with 8,- € very fan-friendly. On this Saturday night about 250 fans found the way to JAB. Due to the fact that the announced Astral Doors weren't on this tour the Spanish Easy Rider entered the stage at a quarter past eight for an hour long set. Their focus was their latest release Animal which was just out for about a week. I don't know their new album - wasn't able to get it in Düsseldorf before the show - and so I can't recall all their songs. The band of guitarists Dani Castellanos and Javier Villanueva presented an hour of US / Power Metal with progressive elements and Iron Maiden-like guitar riffs. Songs like Chasing Demons, Sacrifice and Walls Of Hatred of their new album Animal they presented as well as Evilution, Nightmare, Freedom Fighter and Where Angels Fly - as far as I remember.... American singer Ron Finn - former Mace singer - was doing a quite good job and succeeded in animating the fans to sing along. The band obviously had a lot of fun on stage. The sound was pretty good and powerful, the band tight. What more can you ask for?
During the change over - and after the show - Blaze Bayley played some CDs. Didn't knew that he is a DJ sometimes. The new album of Blaze shall be in the stores at April 26th and so he took the chance to play some of his new songs like Ten Seconds, Blood And Belief - the title track - and Soundtrack Of My Life. The new Blaze songs are heavier. Very powerful and I'm looking forward to hear the whole album. Beside that he played some classics like Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden and many more.
The it was time for the 90 minute long set of Tierra Santa. Guitarist / singer Angel and his pales kicked off their set with Pegaso. The band has just released the live album Las Mil Y Una Noche and so they played almost the set which can be found on the CD. They recorded a show in Spain during the live promotion of Indomable and so nine of ten tracks from the album are included in this set. Only Coro de guerreros wasn't played. Live the quartet was completed by a keyboarder, but due to Angel's position as a singer / guitarist behind the microphone there wasn't much room for stage acting. Unfortunately guitarist Arturo and bassist Roberto didn't try to fill this gap. Beside songs from Indomable they played e.g. Sodoma Y Gomorra, Sangre de reyes, Tierras de Leyenda, Dracula and as encores Mi tierra, La cancion del pirata and Legendario. In Spain they are quite popular, but - at least in Germany - they couldn't really break into the market. Due to the fact that they barely speaking English they can't communicate with the fans. A hard task. I saw them before and it was a decent show, tonight it seemed to me that the songs sound too similar... Don't know what happened. On disc they are quite good and with English lyrics probably more people were listening to them, but well...
My resume: Tonight Easy Rider were much better then Tierra Santa. The Spanish-American band was shortly after their show in the foyer at the merchandise booth to sign everything, to chit-chat with the fans and to fulfil every request for photos. Very sympathetic. Looking forward to see Easy Rider again!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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