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On stage: Thin Lizzy

- Thin Lizzy, MSG & Glenn Hughes - Dec. 1999 - Cologne (D) -
- RockHard Festival - May 2007 - Gelsenkirchen (D) -
- High Voltage Festival 2011 - June 2011 - London (GB) -

Thin Lizzy, MSG & Glenn Hughes
- December, 6th 1999 - Cologne (D), E-Werk -

This show is something special. Usually Glenn Hughes band is the opener of MSG, but several times on that tour they met Thin Lizzy and played together. Tonight in Cologne we have this 3-band-package.
Glenn Hughes and his band entered the stage at 20:00 h and stayed for about 50 min. Glenn Hughes' band supported him and stayed in the background. Entertainer Glenn talked to the people in the front row between the songs and made jokes like: "Probably a few of you knew that I played with Deep Purple. From that days we'll now play a songs called Burn. That was about 25 years ago, and by the way I'm the son of Ian Gillan." But Glenn wanted to present his new album The Way It Is live and so he played a mixture of old and new songs like Ever After and Too Far Gone. A solid performance and the fans who followed him to several shows (Hi, there in Holland and Belgium!) haven't been disappointed.
After a break MSG came on stage. Michael Schenker is MSG, the rest of the band seems just to be a kind of accessoire. No doubt everyone is in MSG is very talented, but... Because MSG are a kind of special guest in this package the band had to cut down the usual set. They started with Armed & Ready, Only You Can Rock Me and Written In Sand. It was like a travel through time which incl. new songs like Pilot Of Your Soul and Mess I've Made and classicals like On & On, Attack Of The Mad Axeman, Too Hot To Handle and Lights Out. Michael Schenker kind reviewed his career, but I missed songs from his Scorpions area. I guess they been kicked of the set list. Mainman Michael left after 60 min. without coming back for encores, even if the people were shouting for more! The self-centered axeman wasn't in the mood for more......
Now we waited for a legendary band... Thin Lizzy! Nobody expected to see them live again after the tragically death of Phil Lynott. But after working with several bands and after releasing solo albums John Sykes kinda reunited the band. On tour with John Sykes are Scott Gorham, Darren Wharton, Tommy Aldrige and Marco Mendoza. Many fans were a little confused, who will sing? After a few notes they realized that John Sykes sounds like Phil Lynott! The guys had a lot of fun during the show and presented the classical tunes: Jailbreak, Waiting For An Alibi, Don't Believe A Word, Cold Sweat, Emerald, Sun Goes Down, Are You Ready, Bad Reputation (incl. a bass solo), Massacre, Still In Love With You, Suicide and Cowboy Song! But hey, you can't finish the set without Black Rose or Rosalie! And the returned!!! Boys Are Back In Town! John and Scott asked the audience which songs to play! Spontaneously they played Dancing In The Moonlight and Rosalie. The requested Black Rose finished the set. A great show and I can't wait to see them again. They'll be back in the year 2000! Don't miss them!!!!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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