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On stage: Therapy?

- Therapy?, Terrorvision & Pet Lamb - Dec. 1994 - Frankfurt / Main (D) -

Therapy?, Terrorvision & Pet Lamb
- December, 19th 1994 - Frankfurt/M. (D), Volksbildungsheim -

A few days before Christmas Therapy? finished their tour, one of their last shows brought them to Frankfurt. Also a sold-out concert, the boys are very successfully in these days. On this part of the two-year long tour they been supported by the Irish Pet Lamb and the British boys from Terrorvision. Pet Lamb's debut album Sweaty Handshake haven't been known by most of the Therapy? fans. The boys warm up the audience with their sound which was sometimes a little bit too much the same. The loud punk rock music is better in tiny clubs. The Irish have the ability, but they should give their music a little more variety.
Terrorvision are different, they showed all sides of their music. Songs like Disco Wreck, Problem, Stopbus, Pretend, Alice What's The Matter, What Makes Us Tick, Still Rhythm, Model (cover version of a Kraftwerk Songs) and Oblivion shows their qualities and their variety. From the first tune the fans of Therapy? celebrate the band. The British newcomers present themselves very professional. This time they promote their new album Make Friends And Influence People. Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot said about them "Terrorvision are the best newcomer for 12 years in U.K."! The band of singer Tony Wright have fun and try to make it a great evening for the fans. During the 45 minutes show the British boys convince the fans and surely made themselves some new.
After a break the headliners entered the stage, they per;form the songs of Troublegum. A fantastic light show topped the presentation of the trio. The bassist had to carry the weight of performing on his shoulders, 'cause singer and guitarist Andy Crains had to stick to the microphone. The musical qualities are obvious and the hundreds of shows made their show a tight performance. The only negative point was that the show was just 60 minutes long! Perhaps the band was just tired and cut the set before losing the high quality level instead of playing more and losing intensity. Sorry that I can't tell you more about their setlist, but they blow me away! It was an event and I will go to see them again!!! Whenever they'll come around again....

Claudia Ehrhardt


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