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On stage: The Haunted

- The Haunted, Mastodon &
- Apr. 2003 - Essen (D) -

The Haunted, Mastodon & Hatesphere
- April 23rd 2003 - Essen (D), Zeche Carl -

Usually I'm more into power metal, but a few bands of death metal, black metal and hardcore and so I drove to Essen to see The Haunted.
The first band were the Danish Hatesphere which started straight ahead. They can be seen as part of the new thrash scene. Singer Jacob did a stage dive into the audience during the second song. He gave his best to heat up the fans. The rhythm section laid a tight heavy groove for the guitarists who exactly placed breaks and played razor-sharp guitar riffs. Wow!
After a break to recover a little Mastodon entered the stage. Not my cup of tea. The band played some weird disharmonic stuff with deep tuned guitars. Like a heavy doom band on drugs! Seemed that most of the fans thought the same, coz most left to get a cold drink at the beer garden.
But everybody was back in side for The Haunted! With Privation Of Faith they kicked off the set. The Swedish came to conquer! Pure fun, a great sound. Wow! Drum monster Per Möller-Jensen play hyperfast and absolutely perfect. The guitar duo offered razor-sharp riffs and were killer. During their about 70 min. long set they presented e.g. Chasm, Revelation, Hollow Ground, Bloodletting, Bullet Hole and Hatesong. They played more songs, but these are the ones I remember. Singer Marco Aro got a lot better, his voice is more powerful and he was al­ways in motion. A fantastic show of The Haunted! Btw, they played Three Times and Shattered as encores which weren't planned. The fans were so enthusiastic that they did this songs. Just one word about this: Wow!!!!

Jörn Petersen


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