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On stage: Theatre Of Tragedy

- Theatre Of Tragedy & Lacuna Coil - Feb. '01 - Bochum (D) -

Theatre Of Tragedy & Lacuna Coil
- February, 18th 2001 - Bochum (Germany), Zeche -

It's about a year since the Italian sextet been on tour. With a new album called Unleashed Memories they are back. This is the first tour for the new album and they teamed up with Theatre Of Tragedy. Due to the scheduled interview I missed the opener Beseech and than the interview with Lacuna Coil was rescheduled and I missed a part of Theatre Of Tragedy as well, but I was there to see the Italians!
They opened their 45 min. long set with Senzafine, their only Italian song which was first released on HALFlife and is also on their latest release Unleashed Memories. It seems that they found a stable line-up and grew together as a band during the last couple of months. It was obvious that singer Andrea Ferro worked on his vocals and has reached a larger variety. It's listenable on the current album and that's what Lacuna Coil was there to present, but they haven't forgot to include tracks like Honeymoon Suite, My Wings and Falling Again. From the new album they presented tracks like When A Dead Man Walks and Wave Of Anguish. It's amazing how this band developed during the last years and how they manage to catch the interest of the different metal fans. See you in a few weeks!
Tonight's headliner were the Norwegian Theatre Of Tragedy! Due to the interview I did with Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil I missed the begin­ning of the set... Theatre Of Tragedy's music changed and these days to a kind of gothic pop.... Also singer Raymond changed his style and is no longer grunting. Live Kristine is always in the middle of the fans interest, not just because of her outfit!
The presented not just songs from their latest release, but the old ones got a more modern sound to fit better with the new material. A Distance There Is came in a special version... Liv Kristine and a piano, that's it! But songs like Fragment, Cassandra and Image entertained the house. As encore the band presented Radio and Der Tanz der Schatten which is a standard for the band. They left the sound of their early days almost behind and are now on their way to the top of the gothic rock scene. The fans were satisfied after this show and next time the Zeche will be sold out!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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