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On stage: Geoff Tate

- Geoff Tate - Nov. 2012 - Houston (TX, USA) -

- Geoff Tate -
- Nov. 24th 2012 - Houston (TX, USA), Warehouse Live -

Geoff Tate - live

Geoff Tate - live

Jody Hickman and Geoff Tate

Saturday, November 24, 2012 Geoff Tate and his solo band played Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas. This was an unusual show, because the way you saw the show totally depended on your expectations going in. If you went in expecting Queensrÿche / metal show you were thoroughly disappointed. However, if you expected a Geoff Tate solo / rock show, you were pleasantly surprised. After reading several brutal reviews leading up to the show, my expectations were low. I'd seen Geoff Tate eight times before in Queensrÿche, but never solo, so there was an adjustment period getting used to the different performance style. There was no macho-style metal arrogance, but instead a strong Freddie Mercury-style flamboyance (ironically on the anniversary of his passing). In fact, at times I felt like I was watching the spirit of Freddie Mercury.
Geoff, backed by a six piece band (drums, bass, keyboard, and three guitars) played a mixture of his solo material and a wide range of Queensrÿche songs. Geoff even showed off his versatility playing saxophone on several songs. His voice sounded outstanding, maybe not quite as powerful as his prime, but tone and range were as good as ever. Geoff seen personable, talking to the crowd between songs (while ignoring the drunken screams of "play Take Hold Of The Flame").
The Queensrÿche songs I remember them playing were: Sacred Ground, The Thin Line, The Real World, Bridge, Disconnected, Eyes Of A Stranger, The Killing Words, Another Rainy Night, One Life, Silent Lucidity, and Jet City Woman. I'm not familiar with his solo material, but song titles I caught were The Way I Roll, In The Dirt, and Take The Bullet. Overall, it was a good show, not a metal show, but still a good show. I still think Geoff and Queensrÿche are better after the split. Geoff can pull off this kind of show, while Queensrÿche with Todd La Torre can return to a more metal direction.

Jody Hickman


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