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On disc: Type O'Negative

- World Comes Down - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

World Comes Down

World Comes Down
(Roadrunner Records - 1999)

The New Yorkers released another dark, depressive album, in my opinion it's not as good as Bloody Kisses, but to top an album like that is nearly impossible! But even the follow-up October Rust was very successful. Beside that TON contributed songs for soundtracks like Bride Of Chucky, Private Parts and The Blair Witch Project! Soon after the October Rust tour the band started working on new material. The pre-production took place in Josh Silver's home recording studio and the final recordings been made in Systems Two. Not a single note been changed after the pre-production! The album contains 13 songs... Or songs and pieces! Again Pete Steele and his campaigners surprise the listener. White Slavery is the opening track and follows the way they chose with Bloody Kissses. This time the band sounds even more sad, depressing and the songs are full of mournfulness. In the past the lyrics dealed with unfulfilled love and other tragedies of daily life, Pete is now singing about death. On October Rust Steele tried with Red Water to work up the death of his father. New tracks like Everyone I Love Is Dead or Everything Dies are his tribute to the family members and friends he lost. But there is still the hope that their families and friends can rest in peace. The band members got older and see the world with different eyes. In this coherence you should hear the sound pieces which kinda present the different human organs. This is like a long and slow dying..... Luckily Pete Steele and his partners in crime are not in total depression and won't end their lives. They still have the will to life and tour!

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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