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On disc: Twilight Guardians

- Ghost Reborn - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Ghost Reborn

Ghost Reborn
(Spinefarm - 2007)

The Finnish Twilight Guardians are around for more then 10 years and present now their 4th album which is called Ghost Reborn.
They open up with Glasschains which reminds me of Deep Purple in the beginning... Kinda mix between Deep Purple and symphonic metal la Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica... The riffing isn't bad, but somehow it doesn't work out with the symphonic keyboard... Singer Vesa Virtanen has a pleasant voice, but I miss some power... He sounds whining. At Rainbow's Gold Virtanen sounds a bit better - more emotional. And soon I get the impression that the band have to made up their mind which way to go. Carl-Johan Gustafsson is offering some neo-classical parts, but it's merely a demonstration of his skill and doesn't support the song Wildbite is one of the songs sticks out a bit - up-tempo with some aggression and it's slightly catchy. On Bring It On the vocal part reminds me a bit of Sargant Fury, but they did it a lot better! Even if they differ musically - Sargant Fury never had this symphonic edge -, the German band with the Scottish singer were powerful, catchy and emotional. And in general that's what this album lacks. Nice try, but not good enough to survive these days!
Well, the songs aren't badly played, but the blend of heavy rock and symphonic melodic metal doesn't work out. The refrains don't hook you up.... It's a mediocre album which has it's moments, but can't stand up against many other releases. And even is usually 35 minutes are quite short, here it's enough. Sorry guys, but you have to improve to survive in this pond!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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