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- Welcome To Mudridge - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Welcome To Mudridge

Welcome To Mudridge
(OuTLoud - 2008)

The Portuguese trio started last year and Welcome To Mudridge is a kind of appetizer for the coming album Mudridge: Beyond The Edge. The album is telling the story of a small and lost village. Every song tells the a part of the story from the view of an inhabitant.
Special Days (Arina) shows that the Portuguese family business is kinda torn between heavy guitar riffs and the fragile vocals of Joana Martins. The song is a melange of modern metal and pop rock - very heavy, but also quite catchy. Joana Martins is able to sing powerful and stand her ground against the guitar riffing, but she can also sing angel-like and then she sounds very fragile. With Numbers (Kepa) they add some electronic sound effects... The song is showing some industrial influence. Guitarist Luis Martins takes over the mike for awhile. The track is a bit dark and makes you feel uneasy... But it also enthralls you! They create their own sound, something some bands don't achieve in years! Kudos!
Very cool! I hope to hear more from the Portuguese trio!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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