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On disc: Tüzmadár

Volt Egy Álmom... - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Volt Egy Álmom...

Volt Egy Álmom...
(Metal Hammer Hungary - 2008)

Tüzmadár was founded back in 1999 in the Hungarian capital Budapest. After 2 demos and an EP they released their first album in 2005 - Jégkorszak - and the follow-up Fények in 2007. Now Metal Hammer Hungary released this 4-track EP called Volt Egy Álmom...
The sextet opens up with Álmogyár, a fast, guitar-driven rocker. But the Hungarians also use mid-paced parts and the keyboard gives it an 70's touch. Their power metal also has progressive elements, but this just roughly describes the bands sound! You get neo-classical passages as well as some heavy riffs which are almost thrashy, just to head into an progressive part. At Ámyék they add some spheric keyboard sounds to the mid-tempo tune. Again it's progressive structures combined with heavy riffs and the powerful vocals of Peter Schrott. Then they speed up and fast drumming is combined with classic influenced keyboard passages, then the guitars take over. A bit 80's-like is Caesar... A hymn-like rocker with a dash of melancholy. Again they mix different sounds and they ennoble this one with a very cool lead guitar passage. The last track is also the title track, a slow acoustic guitar intro leads you into this emotional balladesque tune with a symphonic touch. The song has a catchy hook, just the Hungarian lyrics stop you from singing along. Quite cool!
I hope we will hear more from Tüzmadár! And even if many would prefer English lyrics, the Hungarian make it special. But it would be cool, if they would add an English version to their website. But well, as long as the music is good, I won't complain. And I really enjoyed this EP1

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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