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On disc: Turisas

- Rasputin (single) - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Rasputin (single)

Rasputin (single)
(Century Media - 2007)

The Finnish band started back in 1997 and released their debut album Battle Metal in 2004. Now they release a single called Rasputin - a cover version of the Boney M. track - in time for their tour. A little earlier this year they released their second album - The Varangian Way.
You might think the Finns are crazy, but their metallic version of the disco hit is fun. And live it will make the people party! Even as it comes with fast double-bass drumming it still has the disco rhythm combined with some folk metal elements. A very cool version of this tune!
The other track on this single is Battle Metal off their debut album. And so nothing new for their fans. Die-hard fans will buy it anyway, others who don't know the band well should check out the album. But if you need some metal party tune, then Rasputin is a good choice!
The limited 7" vinyl edition comes with The Court Of Jarisleif on the B-side.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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