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On disc: Tuck From Hell

Thrashing - Mike Thompson - 8 stars


(Metalville - 2010)

You could take one look at this album's title and cover art and dismiss Tuck From Hell as just another new band of young hopefuls casting their hat into the crowded thrash arena. Its quite a cliché thrash cover and uninspiring title but still, its just pastry at the end of the day and it begs the question 'is the filling as mundane'? Time to take a bite...
The album starts with Barbecue Beast and within a few seconds the blandness of the outer packaging is forgotten. A hard thrasher in true Bay Area style that will make you pine for a few too many cold beers on a hot summer day! The sound is hard and heavy but with a lot of melody and breakneck solos a-la early Metallica. There's also a lot of groove which brings to mind songs such as Sacred Reich's Surf Nicaragua. By the end of this song you will have a pretty good idea what the entire album will sound like.
The lyrics cover well-trodden thrash themes; beer, metal and headbanging. Oh, and Rocky Balboa. Well, you probably weren't expecting songs about flowers and love and peace on an album entitled Thrashing were you?
Hardened thrash veterans will find nothing really new in this album however the energy and exuberance combined with the overly apparent sense of humour of the Tuckers should be enough to make this appeal to even the most die-hard old-school thrasher. Try it, you might like it.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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