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On disc: Truth Corroded

Worship The Bled - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Worship The Bled

Worship The Bled
(Ultimhate Records - 2011)

Whilst the Australian tourist board may portray a country of golden, sun-kissed beaches and easy-going people, underneath this pleasant facade there's are things far more terrifying. Australia is also the home of many of the deadliest creatures on earth; Funnel Web Spiders, Tiger Snakes and Taipans just a small selection of the things that can and will kill you. It is perhaps fitting then that a country that presents the likes of Kylie Minogue and AC/DC to the masses has also garnered a reputation for producing excellent extreme metal bands; Vomitor, Denouncement Pyre, Wardaemonic, Hobbs' Angel Of Death and of course the mighty Destr÷yer 666 give Australia a huge standing in the extreme metal league table.

Truth Corroded was formed in 1997 in Adelaide and released the first full-length album in 2001. Ten years later and Worship The Bled is the band's fourth album presenting a blend of old school thrash metal with death metal and some (thankfully few) metalcore influences.

Worship The Bled is an album that sounds powerful. Crushing guitars and power-house drumming blend seamlessly into a piledriving force of destruction that could cause minor earthquakes! In conjunction, the raw vocals of Mark Lennard heighten the sonic hammerblow with deep, almost-death metal growls.

This is an album for listening to when you want your head pounded to oblivion. There really is no more than a few seconds let-up in the all-out heaviness of Worship The Bled and this works to its advantage as you really appreciate the short, melodic solos and ambient intros before the riffs descend like sledgehammers once again.

Whilst I'd hesitate to call this a classic, it is a good record that anyone in the mood for thrashing fury should check out. Another fine piece of extreme metal from the southern hemisphere!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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