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On disc: Trollech

Inner Darkness - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Inner Darkness

Inner Darkness
(Ketzer Records - 2012)

Don't be confused about the lyrics being in their native Czech language, the song titles are in English. Trollech has several albums out already, and the black metallers are back for more slaughtery with the new CD, Inner Darkness. They do a well-worked album filled with genuine and hard fast black metal that will satisfy many traditional fans of West European black metal. Demon Headwind fires away with a fast and melodic super black metal, really great stuff. Black Spektrums serves a mean massive black metal that is of strength and sublime high quality. Death Does Not Ask is more of the pressuring melodic black metal that Trollech play as their trademark. The House Of Bones gives the listener a masterpiece of massive guitar black metal that they can listen to again and again and enjoy every second of it. This album will give total satisfaction to all true fans of black metal, no doubt about that

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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