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On disc: Trixter

New Audio Machine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

New Audio Machine

New Audio Machine
(Frontiers Records - 2012)

Trixter seem to come out of nowhere in 1990 with their self-titled debut which got gold status in the US. The New Jerseyans had a good timing and so got a lot airplay at MTV and rock radio. In 1992 Hear! followed, but even if the album did well, it couldn't keep up with their debut. A year after the 1994 release Undercovers Trixter disbanded. In December 2007 they singer / rhythm guitarist Peter Loran announced that the band will reunited in 2008 for some show. Well, even if they played only a handful of shows they stayed together, presented Alive In Japan in 2008 and a best-of the following year. But now they have a new studio album ready! The New Audio Machine should please fans from their early days as well as helping them finding new fans.

They kick off with Drag Me Down, a hard rock tune with big backings and a slight Southern rock touch. The sound isn't as polished as back in the early 90s - and actually this is doing the songs good! A highly melodic heavy rocker is Get On It and at Dirty Love they add a dash of sleaze. After a bunch of rockers they slow down and present a cool balladesque rocker with Live For The Day, it has a slightly melancholy touch and will soon enchant you. Ride is the perfect tune for a cruise at a warm summer day... Personally I'm happy that Trixter is back, coz I dig their first 2 albums and always liked Peter Loran's voice - and he still sounds the same! Back in the days Tattoos & Misery would have got a lot airplay. It's a tune you'll soon sing along. Quite heavy is Save Your Soul, a song which combines heavy riffs, a catchy hook and big backings. After Walk With A Stranger you'll get a bonus track, the acoustic Heart Of Steel, but unfortunately we didn't got it for reviewing...

Anyway, Trixter fans won't be disappointed and everybody who loves the music of the late 80's / early 90's should check out New Audio Machine!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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