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On disc: Triumfall

Antithesis Of All Flesh - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Antithesis of All Flesh

Antithesis Of All Flesh
(Regain Records - 2010)

Triumfall, named for the Fallen Angel himself, is a satanic black metal band hailing from Serbia and Antithesis Of All Flesh is the debut album of these six corpse-painted heretics.
Immediately upon pressing play you are treated to an atmospheric yet epic track, entitled Atrium Mortis. Its a great keyboard-heavy opener, long for what is essentially an intro track at a little over five minutes in length, but a real scene setter. After this the album progresses into more straightforward black metal fare, taking the lead from illustrious bands such as Emperor, early Dimmu Borgir and Dissection in combining melody with furious riffing and blasting drums.
The symphonic elements of this band are ever-present but not overly dominating, allowing them to still sound brutal, as a black metal band should, without sounding lame, weak or cheesy – a fault I find with most symphonic black metal bands.
The drums are a little muted but the playing is tight, the guitars drive the music with gritty riffs and the vocalist sounds like he's spitting razors with every demented shriek.
Overall, this is a very strong album. Not a classic but certainly a god find amongst the ever-growing dross that is flowing form the black metal scene these days. They take the blueprints of the early greats and stay true to it for the most part. There isn't really a stand out track on the album but this is because every song is of a high level. Certainly a band I would recommend to black metal fans who appreciate the smoother side of the genre.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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