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On disc: Triosphere

Onwards - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
The Road Less Travelled - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled
(AFM Records - 2010)

Hailing from Norway, Triosphere is a band that plays balls-out, riff-powered, guitar-driven heavy metal in the vein of bands such as Dio. They have recently signed a deal with AFM Records and this album, the band's second full-length, is their first release through this label.
The guitars are the main force in this band and Marcus Silver proves himself to be a talented axe-man. The deep, crunching sound of the guitars is joyous to the ears and if you don't find yourself blasting out the solos on your air guitar then, I'm sorry to say, you're just not metal enough. ;)
Singer and bassist Ida Haukland has a powerful voice that suits the music perfectly. This strong female voice is highly reminiscent of the amazing Marta Gabriel of Crystal Viper. Ida has such a powerful voice that sometimes the vocals do tend to dominate the music but she's such a pleasure to listen to that I really didn't mind!
The songs vary in pace and style, from headbanging rockers to mid-paced foot-tappers. They are similar in sound to the American band Vainglory; heavy and crunching metal which is still melodic and easy to sing along to. The songs are all good enough to grab you by the balls and not let go until the final note. Although I don't think its an album that will be on constant rotation, those who make use of the 'Random' function will find themselves unable to skip a song when it comes on and will undoubtedly want to listen to the whole album again when this happens!
I'd definitely recommend this album to any fans of eighties metal, you won't be disappointed. However, any fans of good, well-played and passionate metal should enjoy this.

8 stars

Mike Thompson



(FaceFront - 2007)

The Norwegian power metal band Triosphere was founded in 2004 and is now presenting their debut Onwards with the intro Onwards Part I (All Is Fair In Love And War?...) just to head into Onwards Part II (Decadent One). Singer and bassist Ida Haukland is singing powerful and reminds me from her power a bit of Rock Goddess... The foursome offer a fast, riff-based tune with progressive elements - and even a thrashy edge. Trinity is more rock-based and the vocals have a sad touch, but still it's a powerful tune with breaks and speed changes. Very melodic and with fast riffing they start into Lament where Ida Haukland shows herself emotional and also aggressive. Lead guitarist Marcus Silver got the chance to show his skills while Ida and drummer Ørjan Aare Jørgensen deliver the playground. But he also got supported by guitarist Tor Ole Byberg, who sticks to the riffing. Drums lead into the thrashy Spitfire. A bit Queensrÿche-ish they open up The Silver Lining, then they storm away with heavy riffing - but never forget a catchy hook! Especially as they ease up for the refrain and so create a real ear catcher! They stick to this blend, but for Onwards Part III / IV they add a bit like some growls. In always this long track gives you a good impression of Triosphere, even if it also shows them a bit softer partly, but I can also recommend Gunnin' For Glory to check out.
The Norwegian foursome is presenting a very good debut album and this is a very strong release, but I want to give them the chance to improve. ;)
Well done! And hope to hear more from you soon!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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