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On disc: Trapt

No Apologies - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

No Apologies

No Apologies
(Eleven Seven Music - 2010)

With No Apologies the American band Trapt is presenting their 4th album, an album full of catchy rockers. They kick off with Sound Off, a powerful melodic rocker with heavy riffs. They switch between heavy riff-based parts and melodic passages where the instruments ease off a bit and give space for Chris Taylor Brown's voice. A track which will be on heavy rotation at rock radio stations!

Next in line Drama Queen, an enchanting balladesque rocker. Great guitar play and expressive vocals. One of my favorites. At End Of My Rope they remind me a bit of Staind... 3 Doors Down. Be aware of the infectious chorus! Actually every song has infectious elements... Get Up is a heavy riff-based tune, but also surprises with some cool licks. The title track is a melancholy balladesque rock tune which shows a different facet of Trapt. Even if this one also offers some heavy guitar-driven parts with complex rhythmic patters, it's the vocal line which will enchant you, especially at the slow, melodic passages.
A noisy rocker is Stranger In The Mirror, but with twists and turns. At Beautiful Scar the guitar is the counterpart to the vocals and so Trapt create a special atmosphere. Are You With Me is just beautiful and enchanting. Towards the end they offer another heavy, guitar-driven rocker with Overloaded, but they aren't overloading their songs with unnecessary elements or by showing off egos. And with Storyteller this album ends. And you guess it, it's another enchanting tune with a memorable vocal line.
All songs are well executed, but it's the intensity which will win you over. You can feel that they are heart and soul, that they not just following a trend. If you love modern hard rock, if you name bands like Stone Sour, Stained, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback when asked about your favorite music, then there is no apology not to buy No Apologies! And be prepared to be trapped by Trapt!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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