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On disc: Transit

- Decent Man On A
Desperate Moon
- Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Decent Man On A Desperate Moon

Decent Man On A Desperate Moon
(karmakosmetix - 2008)

Transit is the home of Jan Kenneth Transeth who is known for his work with In The Woods..., Naervaer, Stille Opprør and Green Carnation.
The opening track is called Estrangeiro / New Man and made me think a bit of Tito & Tarantula... The rocking, laid back tune has a slightly threatening atmosphere. You can picture a small desert town... Desert guitar rock. At the following Bleed On Me the vocals are partly distorted, but later they drop this effect and the melody line gets more catchy. On You And Me And Then Some he starts slowly, but then gets a bit more heavy for a moment.
To say I'm familiar with Tito & Tarantula would be an exaggeration, but I saw them live years ago. Somehow Transit sounds to me a bit like them... The songs have a desperate undertone and some have a slightly threatening atmosphere. I would describe the music as desert rock, but even if I like the songs the individual songs are a bit to monotonous. One of my favorites is Miller Song which has a different feel, Transit sounds vulnerable and somewhere between hope and resignation.
Less then 40 minutes are quite short for a full-length album, but personally I think it's okay, coz there isn't enough diversity for me in the music. But fans of this music will be wanting more...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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