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On disc: Trail Of Tears

Bloodstained Endurance - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Bloodstained Endurance

Bloodstained Endurance
(Napalm Records - 2009)

Trail Of Tears arose from the ashes of Natt in 1997 and since then released 5 albums. Before they recorded Existentia in 2007 founding member Ronny Thorsen had to find new members. So Bloodstained Endurance is the second effort of the current line-up. Again they recorded in France with producer Terje Refsnes. And like on Existentia they present a heavy modern mix of gothic metal and symphonic black metal elements. With Cathrine Paulsen Thorsen found a soprano who has her own identity and isn't trying to sound like Tarja Turunen. After the up-tempo song Once Kissed By The Serpent they head on and continue with the title track Bloodstained Endurance. A track with heavy parts where Ronny Thorsen adds growls and some more melodic, symphonic passages where Cathrine takes over. A good tune to check them out!
At Triumphant Gleam the crunchy riffs are accompanied by violin - cool idea! - which makes the song stick out. With A Storm At Will they present a themselves more balladesque, but after an opening part the band sets in and it becomes a heavy balladesque rocker. But then they get heavier again with Take Aim.Reclaim.Prevail. One of my faves is The Desperation Corridors, coz it combines heaviness with melodic vocal parts. But also the final track Faith Comes Knocking has this ingredients, but is a bit more symphonic.
Trail Of Tears deliver a more then decent album which sticks out due to Cathrine's vocals. They stay heavy, even when they add symphonic parts. But they also show their balladesque side. What more can you ask for?

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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