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On disc: Trail Of Murder

Shades Of Art - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Shades Of Art

Shades Of Art
(Metal Heaven - 2012)

Trail Of Murder is a band from Swedish 'metal hotspot' Bollnäs and if you take a closer look at the line-up you will find some familiar names - at least when you like bands like (Morgana) Lefay and Tad Morose.

The band kicks off with the title track, a catchy heavy metal tune which crosses the border to melodic power metal. Shades Of Art should hook you up right away! It's followed by Carnivore, a track a tad heavier. Singer Urban Breed shows more of his spectrum, so he partly sings deeper and raspier. Lady Don't Answer has a memorable guitar line, but the chorus us catchy, too. Guitarists Daniel Olsson and Hasse Eismar get the chance to show their skills at this one. They add some aggression and heaviness to Mab, it should even please fans of Iced Earth... Or lovers of Sons Of Seasons... It mixes fast drumming, heavy riffs and powerful vocals - but the big backings give it an 80's touch while the gang shouts will surprise you. The up-tempo higher reminds me a bit of Gamma Ray - dashed up with some hard rock-vibes. A song you'll soon will sing along. Nightmares I Stole is a sonic roller coaster ride with heavy parts and slow, balladesque passages. After a few more powerful tracks they close the first chapter with the balladesque instrumental My Heart Still Cries.

The quintet offers catchy melodic power metal, fans of bands like Kamelot, Sons Of Seasons, Lefay as well as hard rock lovers who also like some heavier stuff shall fall for it.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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