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On disc: Tracenine

Breaking Silence - Gisela Schmitz - 7 stars

Breaking Silence

Breaking Silence
(Fastball Music - 2009)

In their home country Canada Tracenine already got awarded and this year they showed their played at the Sweden Rock Festival to give Europe an idea about Tracenine. Finally their album Breaking Silence is released in Europe, it saw the light of day in Canada in January. The songs are quite modern and they offer a blend of rock and metal which sounds a bit like Disturbed. The opener Betrayed is quite melodic, but they have real rockers to offer like Spare Your Soul and Ready To Roll. Unfortunately some songs are just average, e.g. Let Me Go and Freefall. I miss some uniqueness.... Luckily they offer with Dead Inside a well arranged song which can convince you with it's lyrics. Interesting topic.
One of the strong points off Tracenine are the arrangements which make them differ from other modern rock acts. Their emotional tunes are quite convincing, but they should drift too often into the dreamy state - and a bit more heaviness wouldn't hurt them... A bit more rock and they will make friends outside Canada. A beautiful, dreamy ballad is the acoustic ballad Unleash My Soul. My resume, the guys have the potential, but on Breaking Silence they can't fully shine. They need to move on, leave their heroes behind and develop their own identity, if they manage then they will make it onto the next level.

7 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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