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On disc: Toxik Society

Living Kufeso - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Living Kufeso

Living Kufeso
(Self-released 2009)

With the recent tidal wave of new thrash bands that keep appearing I'm getting really tired of hearing the same old rehashed ideas that were first heard twenty years ago. It may come as a surprise then that I love this demo.
You can see all the influences on the three songs included on this disk. There's a large helping of Destruction, a sprinkling of Kreator and a dash of Megadeth all mixed up and presented with the energy that a lot of the classic bands have lost these days.
The guitars have a great bite to them. Its just how thrash should sound; fast and relentless! The musical equivalent of a heavy machine gun. The drums keep the beat with precision, each thump of the double bass a sledgehammer blow to the brain. It all fits together in a perfect thrash attack.
The vocals are just what have been missing in thrash these days. Whilst most modern day thrashers tend to stumble into death metal territory with their vocals Marcos Rodriguez is pure old school thrash. His voice definitely reminds me of Destruction's Marcel Schirmer but there's occasionally a hint of Dave Mustaine in there too.
Obviously with all this talk of sounding like the classic thrash bands the one downside to Toxik Society is that they're not all that original. Sometimes though its just great to hear thrash played properly and this is definitely the way the metal gods intended thrash to be played. If this band remain unsigned I will be very surprised.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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