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On disc: Toxic Rose

Toxic Rose - Lars Bjrn - 6 stars

Toxic Rose

Toxic Rose
(Rock It Up Records - 2012)

Toxic Rose has been around since 2010, but are not yet having a record label to launch their music. So there was just one option, and that was to release their debut album from their own hands. A 5 song album is the result, stunning glammy hard rock with inspiration from Mtley Cre both in image and music style. A good first album, but their songs are hitting the standard level of hard rock, but with potential for something bigger and heavier in the future. A Song For The Weak sets it off with melodic hard rock that kicks you where it hurts. Set Me Free turns the aggression on in an exploding hard rock blaster that could become their entry to the greater charts. Black Bile adds great elements of glam rock to their hard style, and gets a decent rock piece that should secure that people give them a chance to become Stockholm's next great metal band.

6 stars

Lars Bjrn


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