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On disc: Toxic Heart

Ride Your Life - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Ride Your Life

Ride Your Life
(self-released - 2009)

Toxic Heart is a young band from Slovenia and the four guys are obviously influenced by 80's glam metal and hard rock. They don't follow the latest trend and do what they love. Ride Your Life is self-released and their first sign of life internationally. Everything goes in circles and it seems that glam metal is on the way back which bands like The Poodles and Dynazty show. Partly they will remind you of Wig Wam or Naughty Boys... And some hard rock bands from the 80's are still alive and kickin'!
They open up with the Ticket, a song which shows their influences. They take you back to the 80's and offer something for lovers of Poison, Trixter, Tuff, etc. New Generation shows them a little different, but again with heavy riffs and catchy hooks.... The One is based on an unusual drum pattern and heavy riffing, but the vocal line will hook you up. The title track is a good choice to give you an idea about Toxic Heart and it's not just the title track, they also choose to make a video clip for this one as well as for Big Time, a real rocker! A more balladesque rocker is Eyes Of A Broken Man, but don't expect some sad tune! At Makin' Me Bad they add a progressive edge to the arena rock and at the guitar solo Mike really shows of his skills without overdoing it. Actually the whole band is quite talented, so nothing to complain here.
Okay, the sound could be better, but this a self-released album and so it's quite okay. They should improve lyrically, but that comes with experience. You can call them backdated, but it's the music style they choose and you can't sound 80's-like and be modern at a time. I recommend to check out their MySpace and perhaps the Slovenians can convince you!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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