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On disc: Towers Of Flesh

The Perpetual Paradox - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

The Perpetual Paradox

The Perpetual Paradox
(Dissected Promotions - 2010)

Towers Of Flesh is a blackened death metal band from the UK, in the vein of such bands as Dissection, Watain and Denouncement Pyre. The album cover is a striking red with a black design that conveys a sinister, occult feel, which I suppose is the point. Six tracks are included with most above six minutes in length and Forbidden Gnosis clocking in at an epic nine minutes plus!
The music contained within is fantastic blackened death. Brutal yet melodic, uncompromising and yet listenable... in other words just what I hoped for! Its does what it says on the tin, essentially, but is not generic enough to be boring. Instead it grabs you from the start and doesn't let up til long after the final note has drifted into the ether (by which point you will of course be playing it again anyway!). The production is good enough but not highly polished and this gives the album a real edge. Mixing was done by Anaal Nathrakh's Mick Kenney.
Anil Carrier provides a thunderous percussion section for Towers Of Flesh over which Tom Hinksman's guitar does its sacred duty of melting your face. Jack Welch's vocals finish the job with his perfectly weighted growls and screams searing into your mind. The album finished with a short piano outro similar in execution to that used by the likes of Dissection's Feathers Fell.
The members of Towers Of Flesh are all in, or have been part of, several other UK extreme metal bands, including Haizum, Mindless Torture and Necrotize and this melting pot of brutal minds has really come to fruition with Towers Of Flesh. The Perpetual Paradox is one of the best British efforts I've ever heard in this genre. Its limited to just 250 hand-numbered copies though so be quick, if you want to get it!

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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