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On disc: Torment

Tormentizer - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Remedy Records - 2009)

Torment is a German thrash'n'roll legend. After a break they now are back to celebrate their 25th band anniversary with the new album Tormentizer. Their first release was the EP Bestial Sex in 1987 and even if they released it on their own they sold a lot copies. The played a lot live and in 1991 they released their first full-length album Experience A New Dimension Of Fear... - more shows and a single and a split-album followed. Now they offer their 5th studio album in 25 years, so it seems the band is really doing it for fun and enjoy playing live, but don't want to fit into the album-tour-album routine.
The four-some from Hamburg kicks off with the title track, a thrash'n'roll track with the typical guitar riffs attacks and the raspy vocals of Jörn Rüter. They switch between fast parts and mid-paced passages. And slowly the refrain is sneaking into your brain - and stays! At Let's Get Extreme they are speeding up, get a bit more raw and wild. Reminiscences to Mötorhead are audible. At I Hate The System they sound like a mix of Motörhead and The Ramones... Great to sing along live... And somehow catchy. With a Black Sabbath riff they start into the punk rocker Temptress Crystal Meth. A lot of fun and very funny! Another fast one is Politics And Religion, but here you can also hear some reminiscences to the mid-80's heavy metal. The line 'fuck you' at The Ones You Love To Hate make me think of Overkill, but musically this one is closer to Motörhead. It's Jörn's way to sing which make you think of Lemmy, but there are also fragments in the music, even if the guitar play is more based in power metal at this track. Anyway, this is the perfect sound track for a metal party!
The album is also available as a limited digi-pack version with different cover artwork, a bonus track and 4 bonus videos (MPEG). Torment fans will surely get the lim. digi-pack, but it's value for money, so if you like the music of the Hanseatic you should consider getting the digi-pack.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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