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On disc: Torii

A Judgement Divine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

A Judgement Divine

A Judgement Divine
(self-released - 2018)

The duo Torii is instrumentalist Bill Masino who also writes the lyrics and singer Eric May. The duo has released several albums on their own. The artwork is not typical for the genre, it's a b&w version of Cornelius van Haarlem's Followers Of Cadmus Devoured By A Dragon from 1588.

Slowly they start with Army Of Sand, first droning sounds, dark and mean, then a short break and distorted guitars and May's vocals dominate the tune. The long track combines black and death metal with some doom-ish elements and some acoustic parts. A sonic roller coaster ride. Death metal growls you get at Theory Of Existence, a slow, dragging track. Fast drumming gives The Grand Banquet a different spin, but then Torii slows down - just to speed up a little. The vocals create a threatening atmosphere.

Dirus Serpens is a kind of interlude, a slow, guitar tune. Melodic and repetitive at once. But with Gates Of Paradise II - The Cold Masque Of Romance they go back to their doomy version of blackish death metal. Minimalistic at first, but always intense. The title track is the closer and they stick to the doomy metal with fast black metal parts and death growls. The track makes you feel uneasy.

Fans of doomy black-ish death metal should check out the American duo.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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