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On disc: Tomorrow's Eve

Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros

Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros
(Dr. Music Records - 2018)

It's been awhile that I heard anything from Tomorrow's Eve. Their last release Tales From Serpentia was released in 2008, now 10 years later they present part 3 of Mirror Of Creation - Part 1 was released 2002 and in 2006 Part 2 Genesis came out. I remember their debut The Unexpected World from 1999, almost 20 years ago.

But even 10 years since Tales From Serpentia is a long time and I guess a lot have happened meanwhile... To be honest I only know their debut, somehow I missed their other albums.

They kick off with Welcome To The Show, an orchestral opener which after a few moments head full force into their progressive metal world. More then 6 minutes running time give lots of space for twists and turns. Singer Martin LeMar has a unique voice and can give the songs a certain atmosphere. After a break you get a part with just vocals and piano, quite Savatage-sque. The band creates soundscapes easily on the more than solid rhythm section of Mike LePond and John Macaluso. The prominent bass play of Mike LePond leads you into Morpheus, and again it's a sonic roller coaster ride through progressive soundscapes. LeMar's vocals drag you into this one with their intensity. At some point the sci-fi-influenced sound remind me a bit of War Of The Worlds by Jeff Wayne... but soon they return to the main theme of Morpheus.

The keyboard passage by Oliver Schwickert leasing into Bread And Circuses reminds me of Dream Theater in it's virtuosity, but like the Beantowners they have more to offer than technical outbursts. Best to check out the track yourself....

The System isn't a bad song, but somehow can't hook me up. But perhaps it just need a few more spins... It's followed by Law And Order, the longest track on the album, which starts slowly. But then John Macaluso's drums ask for your attention and leads into a complex passage and after more then 2 minutes into the tune singer Martin LeMar joins in. And his vocals give the tune a catchy edge.

A melodic rocker based on prog elements is Dream Within A Dream, more focusing on atmosphere than technical frenzy. Take a look here:

Inner Sanctum is dominated by LeMar's vocals, but offers technical passages, too. It's like a dialogue between the singer and the instrumentalists. Very cool!

Fans of progressive metal with a symphonic edge and melodic vocals should check out the new Tomorrow's Eve! Just watch the videos to get an idea - and then get your copy.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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