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On disc: Token

- Punch - Anika Peterson - 7 stars


(MTM Music - 2004)

If you know their debut, then it doesn't mean that Punch is your cup of tea. Since the release of their debut Tomorrowland - actually I don't know the CD, just heard about it - they had line-up changes and musically changed as well. Matthias Ahlén is the new guy at the microphone and his dark, warm voice fits well to their new style. This time they are harder... Like soft Nocturnal Rites... With a stable line-up they might find their way. More songs like the album opener Tear Down The Wall, Turn Back Time and the catchy Wake Up would be good for the next release. And probably they should leave the partly poppy sound behind and get a little heavier... But that's just my opinion. Not bad.

7 stars

Anika Peterson
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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