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On disc: Today Forever

Relationshipwrecks - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars


(Bastardized Recordings - 2012)

Today Forever are not used to make this hard type of music that they do on their new album Relationshipwrecks, but they try to make a change in their music. I don't feel that they succeed very well about this new sound they try to make, they sound confusing and out of touch with the stuff they are doing, and only has enough quality to make it home without getting mocked around. Dynamics is a song where they put some constructive work into it and get a good melodic result from their ideas of hard metal that survives. Good Weekend gets very much better with a fine rhythm to base the backbone of Today Forever and it keeps them above water. The Trial again has the great rhythm guitar work and pulsing drums to make the perfect mark. But all in all it's too little to make it a well-composed album. The most serious of their problems is that vocalist Christian Besteck has a voice that is not suitable for singing hard rock music, he tries with aggressive growls and softer singing but all of it is wasted as the voice is not bearing the basic level for the music they are seeking. A shame, but now the album is out, and can not be changed.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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