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On disc: T.I.R.

Heavy Metal - Umberto Mino - 7 stars

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal
(Jolly Roger Records - 2011)

It's very easy to know what we're talking about from the CD title.... Finally after more than 30 years Italian band T.I.R. has released their very first release for Jolly Records and thanx to the various distributors in Europe like Masterpiece and H'Art for getting their dream reality. The label notes said that most of tracks in this CD are from the 1980, and personally I believe this because these songs are a real homage to bands like Saxon, old Maiden stuff or early Judas Priest. We can hear the passion, the strong and the will to prevail in this business full of shit, especially in Italy. I know that all the lyrics are in Italian (don't believe the English song titles) and for all of you are very hard to understand, but are really full cool and epic words.

For this first release the T.I.R. needed the help of two special guests : vocalist Giuseppe 'Ciape' Cialone and drummer Piero Arioni from Rosae Crucis. So if you are fan of this band you can appreciate songs like Il volo delle aquile, Nell'anima and Metal In My Life. Personally I hope that this is only their starting point for a long adventure in this metal world..... So long T.I.R., see you on tour!!!

7 stars

Umberto Mino


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