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On disc: Tierra Santa

- Indomable - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Locomotive Music - 2003)

Indomable (engl. unruly) is the latest release of the Spanish quartet and starts with Alas de fuego (engl. wings of fire). The previous 4 albums already established them on the international market, even if they haven't yet entered the premier league. The Spanish lyrics probably a reason, coz still there are many fans who have a problem with non-English lyrics. But the music is what counts and so I can just recommend to listen to Indomable. The title track is an up-beat number with a catchy chorus. The quartet offers everything from balladesque ones to fast heavy metal tracks. The band of singer / guitarist Angel recorded a homogenous album with 10 tracks which incl. El canto de las sirenas (engl. Song of Sirens), Hamlet and El corazón del guerrero (engl. Heart of the warrior), a song in the tradition of 80's metal. El canto de las sirenas soon makes you sing along, at least the chorus. A kind of anthem. Coro de guerreros (engl. Warrior's choir) starts with a mediaeval choir, an intro which leads into a mid-tempo rocker with a great guitar line which is called Las Walkirias. Las puertas de infierno (engl. gates of hell) sounds - musically / guitar riffing - à la AC/DC, but the vocals change that impression soon. Nice mid-tempo track. The band is tight and it's obvious that they are together for quite awhile. The quartet was able to improve with every album. Now it's time that more fans listen to Tierra Santa.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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