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On disc: Tiberius

Born Hope - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Born Hope

Born Hope
(self-released - 2010)

Tiberius is a young band from Poland and that's almost everything I can tell you about the band. But it's the music that counts and their EP Born Hope can be downloaded from their MySpace.
The five guys kick off with Enslave The Reason. Slowly they begin, then they storm off into a riff-based track with melodic guitar play and growls. Drummer Michal Kosminder is delivering the basis, but not only fast double-bass drumming. Bassist Marek Jerchewicz and guitarists Przemek Kielpinski and Pawel Gierszewski join in and give Bartek Golaszewski the chance to shine. Bartek Golaszewski is adding growls, but Tiberius also use clean vocals. At Entity they stick to their chosen path, even push the limits a bit. The song has a heavy groove, melodic clean vocals and in addition some growls. But it's the guitar play which ennobles the song. Mizantrophe Breed offers complex elements next to thrash riffing, a bit like Nevermore, just that the Polish are based in modern thrash / metalcore. It seems that with every song the clean vocals get more space... But then the growls are back with Sensless, again combined with clean vocals and melodic guitar play. With At The Gates the quintet closes the chapter. The riffing shows influences of traditional metal and thrash metal. Due to the thrashy riffs and the mix of growls and clean vocals they can be labeled as metalcore, but due to the complex parts they also have a progressive touch.
No reason not to check out the EP, so head over to the bands MySpace and give it a try!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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