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On disc: Thunderstorm

Nero Enigma - Umberto Mino - 8 stars

Nero Enigma

Nero Enigma
(Dragonheart Records - 2010)

We must talk once again about Mr Fabio 'Thunder', but this time is about his main band Thunderstorm and their new album Nero Enigma. A period of great writing for Fabio, because next month he'll be again on this site with his new project Temple Of Pain. Personally I'm so happy that Thunderstorm is back again with their new CD, so they show to all of us how good they are - also in a live situation.... Fabio, Attilio and Omar also this time give us the usual dose of doom, well done, but this time in a different way!!! The first tracks Nero Enigma and When April Dies are not only doom and dark, in these songs there are tons of double bass and wha-wha effects and all the things that I love!!!! Yes, this is a cool beginning!!!
Ophyris is 101% sepulchral sound and with 5025 and the follower Shallow we can hear 2 songs of high intensity interpretation.... Melody, darkness, angry, depression, madness and other feelings in only two songs!!! With The Trial Of Life and Mechanical Delights keep the quality level on the top and so now we are ready for the album masterpiece Monologue, a song that is journey through one thousand dark emotions.... Listen carefully to this song!!!!
Please listen to this band, they deserve attention and listeners!!!! Doom or be doomed... One more time!!!!

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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