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On disc: Thunderkraft

Totentanz / Dance Of The Death - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Totentanz / Dance Of The Death

Totentanz / Dance Of The Death
(Svarga Music - 2012)

Thunderkraft is not afraid to make completely new things in their music. Lyrics sung in their native Ukraine language, just the song titles translated to English. Symphonic sounds that could almost be described as 'machine metal' is the dominant influence they put into their songs twisted in an industrial metal direction. A Time Will Come is the first chaotic attack from the Ukrainian band, melodic and bombastic with a sound which reveal their East European appearance, but a nice way to introduce themselves here on their second full-length album. Mass Defect has a hard folk metal rhythm but also this machine metal that oozes gray breaths as a cover to prevent the steam to get out. Death Won't Separate Us is a soft and very alternative song with the focus on a story telling message from the band, and that gives a good impression of their way to do music. The Creator Of Life gets to finish the album with nice flute combined with the endless machine sounds, but with clear inputs from the folk metal style that give the proof of their background in the Russian tradition of music. A CD that you should listen to several times to something out of, as it is rather special and not the heavy metal that the music stores are full of.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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