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On disc: Thunderhead

- Ugly Side - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Ugly Side

Ugly Side
(Steamhammer - 1999)

Thunderhead is and always was Ted Bullet..... No doubt and he's back! The American shouter is now surrounded by guitarist Jimi Bell (ex-GZR, ex-Black Sabbath), bassist Mark Franco and drummer B.J. Zampa. Ugly Side is the new album which presents the typical Thunderhead sound. The album was recorded at Father Panik Studios which are in the basement of Zampa's house..... So don't expect a big production! The sound is okay, but the songs are essential! Fast tracks like the album opener Liar show best the sound of the new Thunderhead. The album is writen in the tradition of Behind The Eight Ball and Killing With Style. Even is the band did a great job, Thunderhead is Ted Bullet. And he still plays dirty rock'n'roll! Pieces Of Pain is a ballade, the kind of ballad which is Rescue Me or Movin' On. Nothing new, but good old rock. If you liked Thunderhead in the past, you'll like Ugly Side.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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