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On disc: Thunderbolt

Dung Idols - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Dung Idols

Dung Idols
(Rock It Up Records - 2011)

What are you thinking of when you hear this CD from the Norwegian band from Oslo? Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden and Iron Maiden. It is incredible how they can pinpoint the style that not only Iron Maiden have, but also the way vocalist Tony Johannessen sings, precisely as Bruce Dickinson. Of course not in the same Dickinson quality, but the connection is there. With 10 years experience and 2 albums out already they have made concerts after concerts with this concept, and the success is fantastic, they still haven't toured with Iron Maiden, but made shared tours with Paul DiAnno several times, and a heavy concert schedule is made up for 2011.
Andy LaRoque has mixed this album, and it gives a humor and thrilling feeling to hear Tony Johannessen sing like he had spent a lifetime in Iron Maiden school, because these 10 songs could best be described as old school metal, and the best songs are the title track Dung Idols, and also Metaltide, two straight forward songs, little lesser quality on Heel Run, Fight. But the praise is restricted, as the songs are totally uncomplicated, there are no genius things in them. But anyway, who says that songs has to be bombastic and technical, it depend on how you want to entertain the audience. Thunderbolt doesn't make it any harder than it is, they give their kind of music, and as long as it is this old school guitar-based heavy rock nobody cares about delicateness. Pure metal rock from the Norwegian guys.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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