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On disc: Thunder

Robert Johnson's Tombstone - Sandra Bucher - 8 stars
The EP Sessions 2007-2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The EP Sessions 2007-2008

The EP Sessions 2007-2008
(Metal Heaven - 2009)

The British hard rock band Thunder was founded back in 1989 and their debut album Backstreet Symphony was received very well. Soon they were known as a hot live act and so they played with a lot big names through the years. Due to business problems they disbanded in 1998, but returned to the scene in 2002. In 2007 and 2008 they recorded 3 EPs which they released through their own label. The EPs were planned to cut short the time til the next full-length album, now they release 16 of the 18 track as The EP Sessions 2007-2008. The CD contains some live versions, some new tracks and some old, overdone ones. And this will be the end of Thunder, coz the band announced to disband in 2009 after playing one last tour. So this is a kind of farewell gift to their fans.
Thunder plays bluesy rock with a catchy edge - and they make you sing along soon. Its a pity that they call it a day, but I hope that somehow we will hear more from Danny Bowes and the boys... Especially the live versions make you want more, and perhaps they will surprise us with a live album of their last tour... Anyway, its fun to listen to the Thunder songs and I can just recommend to get this CD! Most won't have one of the EPs, coz outside the U.K. they weren't easily to get. One of my favorites is the catchy Bette Davis Meltdown, but there isn't a filler on this one, even if I would have chose some different songs from their 2 decade long career... The acoustic version of Yesterday's News - called 'Naked Version' - is awes! But I always thought that their songs sound great as acoustics! Why they call the acoustic version of I Believe the 'Missionary Position' version I have no clue, but the acoustic versions make Danny Bowes' voice shine even more! Hope to hear from these guys again! It would be a real shame, if they retire and don't continue with other projects or bands....

Track list:

Yesterday's News
Chain Reaction
Midlife Crisis
Dirty Dream (live)
What A Beautiful Day (live)
Make My Day
Bette Davis Meltdown
I Believe
Last Man Standing (live)
Like A Satellite (live)
See My Baby Walking
So Sad Today
Only You Can Make Me Cry
Yesterday's News (Naked version)
I Believe (Missionary Position version)

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Robert Johnson's Tombstone

Robert Johnson's Tombstone
(Frontiers - 2006)

The British band Thunder is presenting their latest work - Robert Johnson's Tombstone. What a title! They stick to their guns and so the listener gets classic rock / hard rock. Their songs always been a bit bluesy and that's what you get with the title track... bluesy hard rock! A bit faster is The Devil Made Me Do It, a cool up-tempo tune which live will be a great one. With Last Man Standing they rock! A song in the tradition of Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers. A nice change, but a Thunder album without a ballad? No way! With A Million Faces they almost get to the level of Love Walked In, but time will tell, if this will be another classic Thunder ballad. Andy Warhol Said is about reality TV and so fits to the Warhol's theory that everybody gets ones 15 min. of fame. Another great one is My Hour Of Darkness which is a stripped down ballad. Only acoustic guitars and Danny Bowes emotional voice. A touching tune.
With their 8th album the British Thunder recorded again a great album, even if Backstreet Symphony will always be my no. 1 Thunder album.

8 stars

Sandra Bucher
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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