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On disc: Three Days Grace

- One-X - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Jive - 2006 /
Sony BMG - 2008)

The Canadian band Three Days Grace was founded in the mid- / late 90's, but first they worked as Groundswell. Their first demo was released under the name Groundswell, but then they renamed the band to Three Days Grace and in 2003 their self-titles debut album was released. And in their home country Canada as well as in the USA singles got into the charts. After some touring and singer / guitarist Adam Gontier being in rehab the band started to work on the follow-up One-X. Some of the songs Gontier wrote during rehab and so the lyrics are quite personal, but also universal - as many people made the same experience or similar ones. As One-X was released in Canada and the USA in 2006 it can already been said it was a success - the album has platinum status there! And 3 of the 4 released singles got #1 in Billboards Mainstream Rock Charts! Now the Canadian foursome is out to conquer the rest of the world with their modern rock / alternative metal.
A melancholy mid-paced tune is the opener, it's called It's All Over, but this is just the beginning! Pain starts slowly with Adam Gontier's voice and guitar, but then the heavy riffs set in and the song becomes an emotional heavy rock tune. It's Gontier's voice which makes this one special. The refrain is catchy and so the song soon drags you into the 3DG world. A heavy bass beat and hard riffs open up Animal I Have Become, another guitar-driven tune with hard beats and emotional vocals which switch between despair and begging for help. With Never Too Late they slow down a bit and present a song which starts acoustically, even if they later add power. A straight rocker which will soon haunt you! And again it's the contrast between hard riffs and emotional vocals. With Riot they have a rocker with a heavy groove and a dash aggression. Not the only highlight on this CD! Even if Adam Gontier's vocals are some kind of trademark for the sound of 3DG it doesn't mean that the could have achieved this without his long-time mates!
With Time Of Dying they present a real heavy one, but again they use speed changes to create a special atmosphere. But this one is due to the heavy riffing crossing the borders to metal. The title track is the closer and takes you for the last time through heavy parts and melodic passages.
I can't compare this with their self-titled debut CD, but the lyrics are quite personal and touching which makes this album special, but don't expect something dark or depressive! The songs are showing the fight - at all stages. And so the music and words take you on a roller coaster ride. Well done!
Fans of bands like Hoobastank, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Staind and other modern rock bands should check this one out! I highly recommend this album! Any 2 songs can win you! Can make you addicted to One-X!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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