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On disc: Thou Art Lord

- DV8 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Black Lotus Rec. - 2002)

Ten years ago the project Thou Art Lord was founded by The Magnum (Necromantia) and Sakis (Rotting Christ) to play fast, loud and extreme sinister music. A satanic image and attitude the Greek had and still have, a rebellion against all major religions.
In the mid-90's they released 2 albums. Now 7 years later they reanimated Thou Art Lord. Tired of the hypocrisy and the technical perfection of the current death / black metal scene they headed out to complete their line-up with Septic Flesh singer Seth and drummer Akis K. Again the aim was to do extreme metal. On DV8 they present a mixture of fast modern death, primitive black metal, haunting melodies, twisted melodies and a slight nu-metal touch. Listen to track Baphomet's Meteor and you'll know what I mean. The satanic lyrics are still an element of their extreme music. On DV8 the four-some leave behind the limitations of their main bands and the boundaries of the genre. Another highlight us Eyes Wide Shut And Lips Wide Open. A track which kinda drags you into the world of Thou Art Lord. The fans waited for years fot this album and if fans of extreme music gives this a try, they will discover a great outstanding album.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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