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On disc: Thornwill

Implosion - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(self-released - 2010)

Thornwill are a young band from Hungary and with Implosion they present their first full-length album. The band says they are influenced by bands like Savatage, Nevermore, Dream Theater, Pantera and old Metallica.
They open up with Civilized Ways, a riff-based mid-tempo track with dual leads and a memorable vocal line.
For the title track Implosion they speed up and add a dash thrash to their mix. With mid-paced parts, dual leads and solos they make it more interesting. And at the title track they also use female vocals and symphonic elements to create a special atmosphere, a sonic roller coaster ride. Another thrashy tune is Midnight Hunger, but also offers US metal elements. A bit Iced Earth-like with a dash prog metal. At The Prophecy Fulfilled they add some heaviness and aggression. Behind The Behavior is a riff-based power metal tune with speed changes, some aggressive vocal parts and even some screams. The song pretty much rounds up what Thornwill are about. After slowly fading out this one, they storm off into Far Away From Home, but again they toy around with different speeds and sound elements. A ballad they offer with Subconscious Battle (Broken Hearted), not a killer ballad but decent. And it shows that Thornwill have to improve lyrically, but as English isn't their mother tongue it needs more experience, I guess.
For the up-tempo rocker Noah's Ark they did a video, so just watch the video to learn more about the song.

The closer Before I Die shows their range of influences / sounds. A memorable vocal and guitar line make it easy to get into this one - and it will make you spin the album again.
Thornwill deliver a decent album with slightly progressive power metal. Singer Álmos Gábor sometimes lacks a bit power, but it fits to the progressive edge. Many CD releases every month make it tough for people who have to keep an eye on their money, but Thornwill give you a fair chance. You can download the album for free at their website! Sure, they will be happy, if you purchase the CD or donate a few bucks - or at least spread the word. And so give them the chance to do another album. Btw, with the CD you'll get a cool looking comic-style booklet!
There is no reason not to check out Implosion! So head over to their website now!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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