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On disc: Thomsen

Let's Get Ruthless - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Let's Get Ruthless

Let's Get Ruthless
(BRS Records - 2009)

Thomsen? Never heard of? Well, when I heard that there is an album of a guy from Hanover called RenÚ Thomsen, I wanted to know more. You might wonder why... Well, it was in 1985 when Sinner were supporting Warlock that they had a guy in their crew from Hanover and you already guess it, his name was RenÚ Thomsen. So, I had an idea what to expect, coz in the 80's I met him several times when he was working for some tradition heavy metal bands. And when you look at the musicians involved, then it becomes crystal clear! RenÚ Thomsen wrote the music and JŘrgen Wulfes (Cholane, Moon Doc) wrote the lyrics - partly together with Thomsen - and took over the microphone on Let's Get Ruthless. The opener is a heavy, fast rocker with an 80's heavy sound, a dash of Saxon and a dash Dio. At this one RenÚ got a helping hand by guitarist Herman Frank on the lead guitar, Nibbs Carter on bass and drummer Bobby Jarzombek. With Tears Of The Sun he offers another fast one, but this time spiced up with some keyboards. Partly it's Wulfes' voice which has similarities to Biff Byford... A stomping metal tune is Time Again... At the opening part the vocals remind me of Mat Sinner... And also some passages of the songs sound a bit like Sinner... But you can also find some modern influences. Three songs in the album and it's obvious that this is a treat for fans of 80's heavy metal who are still listening to releases from that time... Who listen to Saxon, Accept, Sinner, Victory, etc. .... On Stand Up And Shout Thomsen got joined by Stefan Schwarzmann, Neil Murray and Herman Frank again. No need to introduce these guys to fans of 80's heavy metal, coz if you are into this kind of music, then you'll know them. Time for a break! You And Me kicks off with piano and vocals, but then the song explodes! A balladesque heavy rocker. bobby Jarzombek leads into Heaven & Hell with pounding drums, then fast riffing joins in. The up-tempo rocker has a catchy hook and invites you to bang your head! Btw, that's the title of another tune.. At Bang Your Head he got again supported by Jan S. Eckert on bass and Ingo Powitzer on guitar. A heavy rocker with staccato riffing is Branded Man - again you will think of Saxon, but it doesn't matter, if there are similarities, coz the song sounds fresh and is pure fun! After 11 songs from RenÚ Thomsen you get a cover version of Ratt's You're In Love. Before you switch off the CD, coz you aren't a friend of Ratt, give it a chance! This is an ultra-heavy version of You're In Love. Well done!
Fans of 80's heavy metal should get themselves a copy of Let's Get Ruthless! You won't be disappointed!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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