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On disc: This Haven

Today A Whisper,
Tomorrow A Storm
- Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm

Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm
(Vic Records - 2008)

This Haven is not really a new band, they were founded in 2003, but this is their debut and so most won't have heard of them before. Their first demo was released in 2004 and even that was produced by Dan Swanö. The foursome from Örebro is still working with Dan Swanö and so there are no complains regarding the production and mix!
The opener is called It's The End and starts full force with heavy riffing into the up-tempo tune. When Patrik Karlsson starts singing the tune gets a melancholy touch. The Swedish combine a heavy groove with sharp riffs, modern sounds and melody. And then they surprise with some slow passages. Its obvious that the Swedish listen to a wide selection of sounds, so you find similarities to thrash, groove metal, progressive elements and even some reminiscences to hardcore! So they create their own sound, even if they might remind you of something else here and there. At the beginning of Welcome To Delirium they show similarities to Iron Maiden, but soon they leave that behind and the track becomes a heavy grooving, but also catchy tune - with a rock vibe! For The Fallen they some heaviness, fat riffs and an unusual rhythm pattern enchant you. And again it's the vocals of Patrik Karlsson add the special something. Slowly Itch! kicks off, but they speed up and develop into an up-tempo rocker, but with mid-paced parts. And again they can surprise with listener with their blend of sounds and tempi changes. At the closer Plague they add some female vocals, a cool idea which they should carry on in future, coz this ennobles the song.
A very good debut of the Swedish. The catchiness let you spin it several times and so gives you the chance to discover This Haven with all their musical shades. A complex album which needs time to grow, but thanks to the catchy melodies it's no big deal. I recommend to check out Hero Of Your Hell, Apocalyptical Anthem and The Fallen. Well done!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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