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On disc: Thin Lizzy

- The Boys Are Back In Town (DVD) - Sandra Bucher -  
- Wild One - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Wild One

Wild One
(Vertigo - 1996)

I don't think it's necessary to introduce a hard rock or metal fan to Thin Lizzy, but some younger fans might only know the cover versions done by bands like Metallica and Bon Jovi. The blues-laden hard rock of the Irish Phil Lynott influenced many musicians and so you find reminscences in a lot songs. This collection is truely a best of-collection! Starting with The Boys Are Back In Town - a song Bon Jovi often played live and ends with Whisky In The Jar which rotated on MTV - covered by Metallica. The live versions of Rosalie / Cowgirl Song and Still In Love With You are interesting for old and new fans of the band. Additionally there are two songs mastermind Phil Lynott recorded with guitarist Gary Moore - Out In The Fields and Parisienne Walkways.
On this CD you find the essentials and some more. A great way to remember Phil Lynott who died much too young and who still has some influence on musicians these days. Some Best-Of albums are just a waste of time, this one isn't! Enough said!

Track list:

The Boys Are Back In Town
Don't Believe A Word
Waiting For An Alibi
Rosalie / Cowgirl Song (live)
Cold Sweat
Thunder And Lightning
Out In The Fields (Gary Moore w/ Phil Lynott)
Dancin' In The Moonlight
Parisienne Walkways (Gary Moore w/ Phil Lynott)
Still In Love With You (live)
Bad Reputation
Killer On The Loose
China Town
Do Anything You Want To
The Rocker
Whisky In The Jar

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


The Boys Are Back In Town (DVD)

The Boys Are Back In Town (DVD)
(Eagle Vision - 1996)

Well, I always loved Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy. I never had the chance to see them live and the videos are rarely played, so this is like a dream come true to me. This concert was only released in Japan as a video, but know everybody can get it. It's only 47 minutes and no bonus material, but it shows Thin Lizzy live in Sydney in October 1978 when they played in front of the Sydney opera in front of 26,000 fans! Due to the fact that they played in daylight there is no light show, only a little smoke here and there. At that time guitarist Gary Moore was already back and on drums were former Elf drummer Mark Nauseff. It's fantastic to see Phil Lynott and guitarists Scott Gorham and Gary Moore on stage. Mr. Lynott's charisma is even transported by this recording. Well, the stage outfit looks a little strange these days... A great documentation of this band!
Digitally overdone this DVD still can't compete with nowadays productions, but it's 25 years old, so... A Code 0 DVD (NTSC / PAL) with Dolby Surround sound. For the Germany: It's FSK 12.

Track list:
  1. Jailbreak
  2. Bad Reputation
  3. Cowboy Song
  4. The Boys Are Back In Town
  5. Waiting For An Alibi
  6. Are You Ready
  7. Me And The Boys Are Wondering How The Girls Are Getting Home Tonight
  8. Baby Drives Me Crazy

Sandra Bucher
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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