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On disc: The Wild Mild

- Totally Dying - Volker Raabe - 4 stars

Totally Dying

Totally Dying
(self-released - 2000)

The info sheet to Totally Dying is making me hot even before I listened to just one note. They are talking about 'Iron Metal' and so I expect to have a milestone in front of me. But the truth will be just shown when the disc is in the player and the music comes out my speakers...
Actually I don't know if I should get a hard-on or if I should get a sex change.... I guess the last option when I listen to The Wild Mild's music, coz songs like Your Are The One, I Need You and Forever Young are too soft for a true heavy metal fan. Sounds like the guys are in love.... Otherwise you can't do that kind of lovesick music as a metal band. On the other hand I have to say, if they guys would be able to do an album full of songs like Lord Of The Darkness, Where The Dragons Fly and Totally Dying, then it would be worth giving them 5 more points... But the rest of the material - Fuck, Evil and Arabia - have a good rhythm section, but the vocals are the weak part... But that's not enough and so I can just give 4 points... If they would concentrate on the material I mentioned positively and if they change their name, then they are a huge step closer to the metal Olymp! But with this compositions they don't even on the better half of the way to the metal Olymp.

4 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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