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On disc: The Vision Bleak

Set Sail To Mystery - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Set Sail To Mystery

Set Sail To Mystery
(Prophecy Productions - 2010)

The Vision Bleak are back! They embark onto another journey, Set Sail To Mystery! The horror metal duo kicks off with A Curse Of The Grandest Kind, very symphonic opening with spoken words. Dark, threatening and with some morbid beauty. Schwadorf and Konstanz head into a fast metal tune, they head into Descend Into Maelstrom. The Vision Bleak combine symphonic sounds, black metal-ish elements with majestic vocals. Again the duo shows they admiration to H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe as well as Lord Byron. Diving into the darkness, telling about death and sorrow. I Dined With The Swans is dramatic and it's like a storyteller is presenting a dark story supported by music. The music is creating a frightening atmosphere and the words make you shiver. Welcome to the world of horror! The Outsider is an up-tempo tune with mid-paced passages and majestic vocals. A bit bombastic, too. Mother Nothingness (The Triumph Of Ubbo Sathla) is a doom metal track, it moves slowly like lava - and deadly like lava. The operatic vocals make it even more dramatic. The Foul Within will make you shiver. Heavy riffs and some black-ish elements are combined with female vocals and scary sounds. For the closer He Who Paints The Black Of Night they speed up again and present a guitar-driven metal tune with a gothic touch. A dash of Judas Priest shines through in the riffing and even the vocals... But there is a lot more to discover! In this tune, in this album!
Set Sail To Mystery is a sonic horror trip! A frightening, but beautiful journey. Experience it!
Beside the regular edition the album will be available as a 2-disc digi-pack and in an artbook edition! The artbook edition is a 56-page book which is limited to 1,000 copies and also contains the bonus CD.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


           2008-2010 by Claudia Ehrhardt • E-Mail:

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