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On disc: The Trews

- No Time For Later - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

No Time For Later

No Time For Later
(edel records - 2008)

The cover wouldn't have caught my eye, but as the music is what counts, I just start listening. The Canadian rockers are presenting their 3rd album and to be honest I haven't heard of them before. Perhaps the previous releases didn't made it to Germany... Anyway, The Trews is a Canadian quartet which play rock. The title track opens up and shows them a bit in the vein of 60's / 70's rock bands. The chorus is simple, is catchy and you can sing along after hearing it once! The following Dark Highway and Be Love show that they are influenced by the Rolling Stones and the backings remind me of The Who.... The now Toronto-based band shows on I Feel The Rain a slight touch country, but it's still rock, even if it's a bit different... just another shade of rock. Paranoid Freak is one of my faves with it piano part and reminds me a bit of Black Crowes.... A bit melancholy is Man Of Two Minds which is based on Colin MacDonald's voice - which reminds me at this balladesque heavy rocker of Thunder's Danny Bowes... The softer, bluesy side fits well to The Trews. It gets very heavy with Gun Control which was lyrically inspired by the Virginia Tech Massacre. And so this song is coming at you with heavy riffs and a rawer sound. A bit AC/DC-ish... Okay, not as heavy as Hold Me In Your Arms. Slowly and a bit dragging End Of The Line comes over you and again it becomes quite clear that the vocals of Colin MacDonald have a great influence on the songs atmosphere. Towards the end they speed up again with Burning Wheels and Ocean's End.
Shades of 60's and 70's rock combined with a modern production and some other sound elements is what you get here. The Trews rock!
Check out: Dark Highway, Will You Wash Away, Gun Control and Paranoid Freak.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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