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On disc: The Street

- The Divine Debauchery - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

The Divine Debauchery

The Divine Debauchery
(MusicBuyMail - 2008)

The Street isn't a new band, even if most won't have heard of them before. The quintet is based in the Beehive State's capital Salt Lake City. This is their 6th album since 1997's The Miracle Trend and it's a self-release which is distributed e.g. by
The music of the Americans' is still based in the hard rock / sleaze metal of the late 80's - but in a modern sound and you can check them out at their MySpace. Singer B. Arnold reminds me partly a bit of L.A. Guns' Phil Lewis.. At least at the opening track Greetings From The Ghetto. But the song is quite heavy and the guitars of Randy Vaughn and Chris Miller are a bit Spread Eagle-like... Devil's Dilemma comes over you with a heavy groove and a catchy hook. B. Arnold's powerful voice and the catchy hooks make it easy to get into the world of The Street. On Step It Up his vocals are vicious... A fast, heavy rocker in the vein of old Mötley Crüe - with a better singer. On Nemesis the vocals have something hypnotic.. The song is fascinating and gives you shivers. With One Man Battle they slow down a bit... A heavy balladesque tune. Touching. Moving. In the late 80's this would have been on heavy rotation on radio and music channels! On Walls the phrasing is a bit like Jon Bon Jovi's at the mid-80's releases... But the song isn't Bon Jovi-like.... It has a sleazy touch.... Well done!
This album is pure fun and takes you back memory lane.... Revives the late 80's. I hope more people get aware of this band and that soon they not just hit the stages in the US!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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