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On disc: The Storyteller

- Crossroad - Joao Santos - 8 stars


(No Fashion - 2002)

To me, The Storyteller was the revelation band in 2000 with the excellent first self-titled album. If you liked the first one, this will also please you, as it is a perfect second chapter. The fantastic story of the Book Of Misery, responsible for the concept of the first album, continues and has the happy ending in this one, again, efficiently produced by master Fredrik Nordström. At least once, you have to listen to the album following the story, to better feel the music. After one intro instru­mental, hostilities are opened with the fast, but always melodic, The Unknown. The next four themes are great power metal songs, alter­nating slower with faster songs, characteristic already seen on the first album. L-G's voice and Fredrik's solos are perfect in the melancholy given on Loss Of A Friend and, after one more fast and slower pair of themes, the 7 min long epic The Moment Of Truth (intro a la Running Wild) ends one of the best albums of the year. Working as a whole, it's hard to point out any themes. The Storyteller's melodic Metal with medieval influences and interesting writing will please to all power and heavy metal fans (Nu, hip hop and other false metal fans, stay away).

8 stars

Joao Santos


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